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Huele de Noche
(Night Blooming Jasmine)

Coppersmithing ArtisanHuele de Noche is a poetic documentary directed by artist, Michele Feder-Nadoff, that takes viewers on a journey to the copper smithing community of Santa Clara del Cobre, nestled in the mountains of Michoacán, one of Mexico’s most beautiful states. Brimming with lush sounds and images, this sensual portrait of the contemporary daily village life of artisans invites us to share an intimate view of the community’s religious cycle of festivals and how the traditional copper craft is interwoven and supported by this very fabric.

Huele de Noche brings you into the family studios of the artisans where one can sense the heat of the fire and marvel at the musical power of the hammers. This collective craft, emerging out of ancient metallurgical traditions from 600 A.D. is presented thoughtfully and insightfully. Santa Clara del Cobre, like many other villages in Mexico, faces the challenges of economic decline, migration to the U.S.A, globalization, evangelization, and mass production. The community’s struggle, their history, challenges and accomplishments speak about a process of cultural transformation, migration, and exchange taking place all over the world.


Spanish: Huele de Noche
English: Night Blooming Jasmine
Spanish and English (33 minutes)
Produced by Michele Feder-Nadoff and the Cuentos Foundation

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DVD is $20.00

Institutional Price:


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