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Ritmo del Fuego Project Supporters

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The international collaboration and network formed to realize this project exemplifies a building of links between diverse communities rather than only an exchange of objects between museums.

This project is organized by the Cuentos Foundation, Artistic Director, artist, educator, and curator, Michele Feder-Nadoff with the support of the Centro de Investigacion de la Cultura Purhépecha; Insituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia (INAH), Michoacan; La Federacion de los Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois.

• ACMMI- Asociacion de Clubes y Migrantes Michoacanos en Illinois
• Aeromexpress Cargo
• Chicago Artists International Program of the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
• Citiarts I, City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs
• Compass Transport Systems, Inc.
• Dick Blick Art Materials
• FEDECMI- Federacion de los Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois
• Illinois Arts Council
• Illinois Humanities Council
• JNL Graphics
• JTG International Corporation
• Lawyers For the Creative Arts
• Mercy Home for Boys
• Morevallado Editores
• National Endowment for the Arts
• Polk Bros. Foundations
• Rockefeller Foundation
• Rueda del Cobre of Individual donors, with partial support from the Illinois Arts Council
• TIDY International
• Timely Translations
• Woods Fund of Chicago

• Janet Brody Esser, Art Historian, San Diego State University, San Diego, California
• Eugenia Fernández Villanueva Medina, Archeologist, El Colegio Michoacan, La Piedad, Michoacan
• Efraín Cárdenas Garcia, Archeologist, El Colegio Michoacan, La Piedad, Michoacan
• Dora M.K. de Grinberg, Metalurgist, UNAM, Mexico City
• Sarah Guernsey, Associate Manager of Production/ Publications, The Art Institute of Chicago
• Scott Hodes, Attorney, Ross & Hardies, Chicago, Illinois
• Álvaro Ochoa Serrano, Historian, Universidad de Michoacan
• Maria Ofelia Mendoza Briones, Historian, INAH, Morelia, Michoacan
• Marion Oettinger, Curator, The San Antonio Museum of Art
• Carlos Paredes Martinez, Historian, Universidad de Michoacan, Morelia, Michoacan
• María Teresa Pomar Aguilar, Specialist Mexican Art Popular, Mexico City
• Hans Roskamp, Archeologist and ethnohistorian, El Colegio Michoacan, Zamora
• Otto Schondube Baumbach, Archeologist, Museo Regional de Gaudalajara, Mexico
• J. Benedict Warren, Historian, University of Michoacán, Morelia, Mexico
• Michele Feder-Nadoff , Artistic Director, Educator, and Curator, Chicago, Illinois

Thanks also to contributing authors Gonzalo Arroyo Riós, Eduardo Barriga, Victor M. Espinosa, Fernando Guevara Féfer, José Luis Gutiérrez, Eugenio Mercado López, Felipe Pérez Pamatz, Juan Manuel Ramirez Olvera, and Patricia Tamayo.

• Fidel Pio Urinchio, Director Museo Nacional del Cobre, Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan
• Gonzalo Arroyo, President Federacion de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois
• Miriam Kaiser, Independent Museum Consultant, Mexico City
• Eduardo Maldonado, Curator Clarke House Museum, Chicago
• Eugenio Mercado, Director Museo Regional de Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
• Ricardo Moreno, After School Program Director, El Hogar del Nino, Chicago
• Malu Ortega, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
• Marion Oettinger, Curator of Latin American Art, San Antonio Museum of Art
• Felipe Peréz Pamatz, Artisan, Santa Clara del Cobre
• Juan Manuel Ramirez, Artisan President of Union Vasco de Quiroga, Santa Clara del Cobre
• Santa Clara Artisans Unions
• Ines Sommer, Filmmaker, Sommer Video
• Richard Townsend, Curator, The Art Institute of Chicago
• Pepe Vargas, Executive Director, International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago


[ Global Village Project ] [ BOOK ] [ VIDEO ] [ Ritmo del Fuego / Rhythm of Fire ]

ART is memory ART builds bridges ART is meaning ART makes sense
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