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Who We Work With

Cuentos is a grass-roots organization, which succeeds on its ability to attract, network, and collaborate with a growing pool of outstanding local, national, and international advisers and contributors.

Our Chicago area programs have been organized with the support and collaboration of many independent artists and organizations including:

Artist Emergency Response
Brazilian Cultural Center in Chicago
Centro Romero
The Chicago Public Schools
Calles y Suenos
El Hogar del Niño
Evanston Arts Center
Franciscan Outreach Association
Gethsemane Gardens
Galeria Colibri
Puech Ikots
Puerto Rican Arts Alliance
Radios Populares
Santa Clara del Cobre Artisans
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Teatro Luna
Scrap Mettle SOUL
20th Ward Youth Net Consortium
Interamerican Magnet School
Steinmetz Academic Center
Field Elementary
and others...

ART is memory ART builds bridges ART is meaning ART makes sense
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