Nuestro Tambo: a Chicago-based group that celebrates the AfroPuerto Rican traditions of Plena and Bomba. This group is unique in that it represents Bomba as a living musical form rather than a folkloric tradition. Nuestro Tambo is comprised of men and women in their twenties and thirties who have committed themselves to the promotion and celebration of these genres. They compose original songs, incorporate their urban experience through the use of elements such as rap, easily interchange instruments and singing and dancing spaces with one another, as all of the members are interdisciplinary artists. Nuestro Tambo has departed from what has become accepted as the traditional representation of Bomba music and has made this music more accessible to young urban dwellers more often drawn to the commercialized forms of Salsa, Hip Hop and Reggaeton.

Unlike many other local groups, they are able to fuse traditional music elements with the contemporary urban experience. This is evidenced by one of their most notable Plenas; La Bandera (written by Ramon Lopez) a song about the city's historic Puerto Rican enclave in Humboldt Park.