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If you are a first time visitor, Welcome to the Cuentos Foundation Website! I hope you enjoy getting to know about our grassroots arts organization and our founding project, Ritmo del Fuego, built by hands-on and in-depth research through collective, local, and transnational work spanning diverse disciplines. As we reflect back upon our beginnings we look forward to our future and hope you will join us in giving voice to the "stories" (which translates in Spanish as "Cuentos") of our diverse communities: your community.

Representing the global village, our members come from all over Chicago and the world and bring together people of Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, African-American, and European origins. Cuentos’ organization style and structure is open and fluid, and multi-generational. We invite you to join Cuentos in practicing “tikkun haolam”, healing of the world through the arts!

Cuentos believes: Art is Memory . Art Builds Bridges . Art is Meaning . Art Makes Sense .


Michele Feder-Nadoff
Cuentos Artistic Director and Creative Founder

ART is memory ART builds bridges ART is meaning ART makes sense
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